What Is Flyball?

Flyball is a team relay race for dogs. 2 teams of 4 dogs race against each other. The race course consists of 4 jumps spaced 10 feet apart, with a start line 6 feet in front of the first jump and a flyball box 15 feet from the last jump. .

Starting lights similar to those used in drag racing begin the race - no dog may cross the start line until the green light goes on! The first dog must race over all four hurdles to the box and trigger the box with its paws. The box then releases a tennis ball, which the dog must catch and bring back over all four jumps.

As the first dog returns, the second dog starts running. Ideally, the dogs pass nose-to-nose at the start line. The dog is faulted if it passes too early and must run again at the end.

The race continues until all four dogs have finished. If a dog or handler makes an error (such as dropping a ball, going around a jump, or passing too early), that dog must rerun. The first team that finishes running all dogs wins. However, both winning and losing teams gain points towards their titles, depending on how fast they finish the race!

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Recent Events

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Team News

T.U.G. NAFA Tournament - January 17-18
Feb in Chandler, AZ Blazin' K9's
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Meagans Thoughts

We made it easy to check out your doga stats in U-FLI and NAFA.Thought you would like it...click:"Read More" below


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Quick Updates: New NAFA Titles Posted For Year-End 2014

   - 2 NAFA tournaments comming in Jan@ Biola University, CA and Feb @ Chandler, AZ
   - 2 UFLI tournaments comming in Feb @ Ramona, CA and March@ Fresno, CA
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